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A jump rope, yoga mat, and foam roller are all must haves in any home gym or small corner you’ve turned into your workout area. For the other equipment, we recommend thinking about the types of workouts you like to do. If you like HIIT, you’ll probably want a few sets of dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls; if you like low-impact workouts, opt for lighter weights and equipment like a Pilates ring.

If you prefer low-impact workouts or you just don’t have a lot of space for weights, check out the Bala Bars. Unlike traditional dumbbells, the three-pound Bala Bars ($55 for a set) are sleek, which means you can store them easily and utilize them in a variety of ways like during your Pilates classes, barre workouts, strengthening yoga flows, at-home cycling classes, or walks. If you’re looking for equipment that won’t take up too much space and for new ways to make your daily activity more challenging, the Bala Bars should be on your radar.

Image Source: Bala

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