8.8 crore footfall in health and wellness centres despite covid-19 led lockdown – Health News Today

The union health ministry on Friday said that the number since February 1 is almost the same as the number of footfall recorded from April 14th, 2018 to January 31st, 2020, in 21 months, despite restrictions on movement of people during the intervening lockdown periods this year.

As India on Friday crossed 8 lakh covid-19 cases and 22000 deaths, more than 41,000 AB-HWCs are providing Universal and Comprehensive Primary Health Care especially during the pandemic.

“Apart from this, in the last five months, 1.41 crore individuals were screened at the HWCs for hypertension, 1.13 crore for diabetes and 1.34 crore for oral, breast or cervical cancer. Medicines were dispensed at the HWCs to about 5.62 lakh patients of hypertension and 3.77 lakh diabetes patients during the month of June alone, despite the challenges posed by covid-19,”’ union health ministry said in a statement.

“As many as 6.53 lakh yoga and wellness sessions have also been organised at the HWCs in the period since the covid-19 outbreak,” it said.

However, majority of health services had an impact of the lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic, HWCs continued delivery of non- covid-19 essential health services Between the period of January to June, 2020, additional 12,425 HWCs were operationalized, increasing the number of HWCs from 29,365 to 41,790, the government said.

In wake of increasing covid-19 cases, some state governments such as Uttar Pradesh have again decided a lockdown of 55 hours. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed to conduct Covid testing by Rapid Antigen method after house to house surveillance during state-wide Special Cleanliness Campaign from Friday. He said the campaign has been launched to control the spread of Covid-19 and other communicable diseases as well creating awareness towards public health.

India has an increasing recovery rate among covid-19 patients..

The last 24 hours saw a total of 19,138 covid-19 patients get cured, taking the cumulative figure of recovered cases among covid-19 patients to 4,95,515 on Friday taking the national recovery rate to 62.42%. There are 2,76,882 active cases and all are under medical supervision, according to the union health ministry.

As the country as a whole witnesses an encouraging upward trend in the Recovery Rate, there are as many as 18 States/UTs with Recovery Rate more than the national average. Maximum Recovery rate is of Ladakh (UT) (86.73%) followed by Uttarakhand (80.85%) and Chhattisgarh (78.99%).

At the national level, the Case Fatality Rate has also declined to 2.72% which is lower than the Fatality Rates observed in many other countries in the world.

“The focus of covid-19 management in the country has been to keep the fatalities low. With the support and guidance of the Centre, the States/UTs have taken many steps in this regard like mapping of the communities to focus on the high risk group like the elderly/aged and population with co-morbidities,…

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