Second Of Four Innovative Books On Men’s Mental Health Announces Launch August – Health News Today

The book officially launches on August 16, 2020 with pre-orders available now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Today United Suicide Survivors International (United Survivors) announces the publication of the second book in a series to help support men’s mental health, “Guts, Grit & The Grind: A MENtal Mechanics MANual – Advanced Mechanics in Preventative Maintenance” edited by Sally Spencer-Thomas Psy.D., Sarah Gaer, MA and Frank King and published by BDI Publishers. The book officially launches on August 16, 2020 with pre-orders available now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Increasingly, guys are embracing the fact that mental health is an important part of men’s health. This self-help book gives men the tools to increase the psychological hardiness they need to face tough times. Readers will be inspired by stories of resilience and transformation.

A blend of a “Chicken Soup for the Man’s Soul,” and a therapist’s workbook, Guts, Grit & The Grind is a collection of men’s stories of coping with trauma, addiction, depression and more. The format is like an automobile owner’s manual, using car metaphors many men can relate to in “preventative maintenance.”

“As a former NFL player, I know what happens when tough guys try to power their way through emotional challenges. It just doesn’t work,” says Dwight Hollier, former linebacker for the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts and current Senior Associate Athletics Director for the University of North Carolina. Guts, Grit & The Grind gives men another pathway through their pain.”

“When life gets stressful, the first things to go are often those ‘non-urgent and important’ parts of our lives — the things that keep us well,” said Sally Spencer-Thomas, psychologist and co-editor, “This book reminds guys to keep these action steps front and center.”

“Many books are written by remarkable people, but Guts, Grit, & The Grind is a collection of essays from regular guys who have remarkable wisdom they’ve gained through lived experiences or professional expertise,” says Peter Dudley, one of the storytellers in the series.

“I hope these books show that the unwritten rules of manhood aren’t actually rules, and that strength comes not from bearing the unbearable but from sharing the unshareable. The vulnerability in these essays makes mental health approachable and discussable. I hope it gives people in distress a light in the fog.”

“The difference between hard times and unbearable times is often believing you are alone in your pain,” said Sarah Gaer, co-editor of Guts, Grit & The Grind. “By walking alongside our courageous storytellers, readers feel the healing power of men sharing their experiences and lessons learned.”

“Being from the South, an area of the US where people take great joy in sharing oral history, as entertainment, as well as education, I understand the power of storytelling, especially among men,” reflects co-editor and comedian Frank King. “Guts, Grit & The Grind has tapped that power, featuring stories…

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