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MENLO PARK, Calif., Aug. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Jim Momtazee today announced the launch of Patient Square Capital, a partnership being purpose-built to become the preeminent investment firm in health care. Patient Square will partner with best-in-class management teams whose products, services, and technologies improve health. The Patient Square team has a shared vision to create an investment firm capable of managing large pools of capital and with the expertise to meet the considerable and critical needs of the health care world.

Mr. Momtazee is the Managing Partner of Patient Square. He is a 21-year veteran of KKR, where he helped form its Health Care Industry Group in 2001 and subsequently led the group for over 10 years. Mr. Momtazee is joined by Maria Walker, Partner & Chief Financial Officer of Patient Square. Ms. Walker has extensive experience across private equity and health care, including 17 years at KPMG where she served as a senior partner and a global lead in its private equity practice. Patient Square intends to build a distinctive and diverse partnership with deep health care experience and a shared commitment to build a world-class investment firm.

Patient Square will seek opportunities to invest broadly across the health care industry, including technology-enabled services, biopharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical value chain, medical devices, diagnostics, providers, digital health and consumer health.

“In an industry as critical, complex, and capital intensive as health care, there exists a need for a specialized investment firm with substantial scale that is built for and focused every day on health,” said Mr. Momtazee. “Successful health care organizations relentlessly focus on the patient. A successful and enduring health care investment firm must do the same. Patient Square is the combination of a patient approach to investing and a patient-centered orientation.”

“Focus and experience will drive excellence in everything we do,” said Ms. Walker. “Patient Square Capital, as a dedicated health care firm, will make outstanding investments through its depth of relationships, insight, and resources, while maintaining the highest standards of communication and transparency to investors.”

About Jim Momtazee:

Mr. Momtazee has over 23 years of investment and acquisition experience, the vast majority of which was focused on the health care sector. Prior to Patient Square, he spent over 21 years at KKR, initially joining in 1996. He helped establish the firm’s health care industry group in 2001 and subsequently was Head of the Americas Heath Care Team for over 10 years. In that role, he managed a team of over 20 dedicated health care professionals overseeing five different health-care-related investment strategies including private and growth equity. He was a member of the Americas Private Equity Investment Committee beginning in 2013 and was Chairman of both the Health Care Strategic Growth and Health Care Royalty &…

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