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Starting when she was just 17 years old, Filer had a head start in her career track to become a personal trainer; she started studying for the certification so that she could take the test the day she turned 18. However, it hadn’t been all smooth sailing for her to reach that point. She began seriously working out when she was just 14 as a result of an eating disorder. Her first diet started when she was 11 years old, and it intensified to the extent of hospitalization where she was diagnosed with anorexia. She was admitted twice by the age of 15 and once more at 16 for kidney dialysis. Her weight decreased from 110 lbs to 104, and eventually 95 at the height of 5’7″, indicating a very low Body Mass Index and severe malnutrition. Throughout her late teen years, Filer had started to compete in bodybuilding, thinking that her 3% body fat was enough to put her on a stage. It all came to a head when one of the judges told her that her body “belongs in the hospital, and not on stage.” “It was my love for fitness that almost killed me,” Filer stated, “But if it wasn’t for fitness, I also wouldn’t be where I am now”. It took her about three years, lots of intensive outpatient therapy, and a ton of support from friends and family in order for her to recover and to finally say, “This ends now”.

At a young 32 years of age, Filer is going into her 15th year of personal training. She is committed to helping other young women like her overcome emotional eating and eating disorder issues and show them the path to taking control of their lives again, “We set the expectations so high of ourselves since the explosion of social media, and the last thing I want is for another young girl to suffer the way I did,” Filer stated. With that, her personal training journey narrowed down from training everyone to specifically women who are struggling with body image and eating habits. Filer graduated from college with a kinesiology and physiology degree, as well as a diploma in personal training. She started off her career working in a gym and absolutely…

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