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ORLANDO, FL – Sometimes its not about the stresses you have, but how you deal with them that really matters. According to Wendy McManus, Leadership Coach with Connect 2 Potential, stress and anxiety are a universal condition, and everything going on in the world now-a-days isn’t doing much to help. However, McManus has a come up with a solution to quell the mental challenges we are all facing, especially in this industry. She has launched two new programs that offer mental fitness coaching to help her produce clients succeed with current stresses weighing heavy on the mind.

“I joined a 6-week mental fitness training program and it has made a massive impact on me personally, especially during this time of high stress and uncertainty,” explained McManus.

Through her foray to become a Mental Fitness Coach, McManus has come to understand that the key to finding solutions to stress is through mindset training and mental fitness exercises, according to a press release. In order to spread her awareness and techniques, she has developed two new programs and is hosting a Mental Fitness Masterclass that she is now offering to her produce industry clients.

The first of her two programs is the Mental Fitness Bootcamp. It is a six-week program that offers daily guided exercises through a convenient app, weekly small-group coaching sessions, and a weekly video that is designed to train your brain.

The next of the two programs is the Mental Fitness Inner Circle, which begins Septemeber 24, and is designed for those who want to focus on community building. It touts ongoing group coaching sessions, online resources, a mini-course on mental fitness, and accepts new members quarterly.

Wendy McManus of Connect 2 Potential launched two new programs that offer mental fitness coaching to help her produce clients succeed with current stresses weighing heavy on the mind

McManus’ teachings come from a variety of sources that include industry mentors as well as training to become a certified Mental Fitness Coach.

“I appreciate that the mental fitness framework synthesizes the newest developments in neuroscience, positive psychology, performance science, and other research,” said McManus. “It is based on the work of my mentor and teacher, Shirzad Chamine, and his New York Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence, so it appeals to even my most rational clients.”

While the pandemic continues to keep us in lockdown, McManus’ programs are there to help you free your mind from the stress, and help you change your mindset. With so many challenges set in front of us, our industry’s fortitude and skill will help us overcome. With people like Wendy there to help, we are destined for success.

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