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The base recipe involves frozen zucchini (tasteless, adds bulk, great for my liver), coconut water (full of potassium), raw cacao powder (the ultimate food source of stress-busting magnesium), spirulina (iron, B vitamins and complete protein), green leaf stevia (an antioxidant rich herb that tastes sweeter than sugar), homemade vanilla essence (vanilla beans brewed in vodka – yep, a splash of the funny water at brekkie), food-based probiotic powder (to support digestive, immune and cognitive health) cinnamon (brilliant for balancing blood glucose levels) and chilli flakes (to kick-start my metabolism).

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At the moment, I’m also adding a plant-based calcium powder (milk and I aren’t the best of friends so I source my calcium elsewhere), beetroot powder (it was on special and I dig the sweet taste. Beets are an incredible blood cleanser) and a (totally legal) magical mushroom medley. I use the latter for their cognitive and immune-boosting benefits. I also like the names; Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane. You can’t make this Shitake up. 

Comments: Before you ‘at’ me for the exhaustive ingredient list of my seductive smoothie, I best mention that I am in remission for a chronic autoimmune liver disease and have spent the last decade recovering from cirrhosis. I didn’t respond well to medication and so food is my medicine. Also, I’m a vegan – not because I believe it’s the healthiest choice for all humans, it simply works best for me, given my medical history. To minimise the need for additional supplementation, I cover as much nutritional ground as possible with food.  


It depends on what my schedule looks like for the day but more often than not, nut butter plays a starring role. 

I’m partial to baked sweet potato (especially the purple-fleshed variety), steamed pumpkin or a homemade pumpkin, oat and banana flour muffin. Each option pairs insanely well with homemade peanut, sunflower seed, coconut and manuka honey butter. 

If I’m on the go, I love a big organic apple followed by several chunks of fresh ginger root eaten with sunflower seed butter and roasted cashews. 

As a treat, I love having lunch at my favourite Adelaide café; Nutrition Republic. Their homemade bread is ode-worthy and I order it toasted a-la ‘the health nut’ (almond butter, blueberries and coconut) or ‘the gut loving’ (avo mash, sauerkraut and hemp seeds). 

I can’t visit Nutrition Republic without ordering their original blended espresso as well, a double shot of fair-trade espresso blended with ice and Medjool dates. Heaven in a biodegradable cup! Fun fact: coffee is rich in antioxidants and supports liver detoxification. 

Comments: As a vegan, it’s vital that I prioritise foods that are rich in protein, essential fats, minerals and B vitamins. Thankfully, nuts and seeds tick all of these boxes.  


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