Tulsa Health Department publishes its first COVID-19 hazard map; 12 ZIP codes at – Health News Today

The White House reports are released Wednesdays by the state. They are dated the preceding Sunday and are based on data the week leading up to that Friday. The metrics used are test positivity and weekly new cases per capita.

“I don’t really care what occurred last week; I want to know what’s happening right now,” Dart previously said. “Our data we gather daily, so we know what’s happening right now.”

The Oklahoma State Board of Education built its own county-level map to inform and guide school districts, using the governor’s COVID-19 Alert System but deviating in multiple respects.

The board’s map uses only county case rates — no regional or state metrics like the governor’s map — to determine each county’s threat level. Additionally, the orange moderate level designation was split in two to make five levels: green, yellow, orange 1, orange 2 and red.

Dart said THD’s map might be especially helpful for schools to know what’s happening in their respective footprints, not just the county as a whole.

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