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If you’re trying to level up your home workout game, it’s important to stock up on the right gear. And a solid set of multifunctional free weights will help you build more muscle in no time. “Adjustable dumbbells provide a compact training system that you can use to do tons of exercises,” says Noam Tamir, CSCS, founder and owner of TS Fitness in New York City. You can still lift heavy at home, without taking up a lot of space which is key in creating the perfect home gym.

When shopping for a set, keep in mind that some might feel a little different than a regular pair of dumbbells, thanks to their structure—most feature stackable plates with pin closures, while others are boxy by design. Tamir recommends looking for adjustable dumbbells that are easy to change and go up in 2.5-pound increments. “It helps you get through plateaus in strength,” he says.

Beginners should go for a set that hits at least 50 pounds. But if you’re a regular lifter, feel free to opt for a pair that reaches 100 pounds. “This may sound like a lot, but when doing exercises such as deadlifts, you will build up strength quickly and you need to progressively overload your body to build muscle,” Tamir explains.

Here are the 10 top-rated adjustable dumbbell sets for improving your strength, one weighted increment at a time. You’re bound to find a set that’s just right for you amongst these top-rated adjustable dumbbells.

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