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According to nutritionist, chiropractor, and author Daryl Gioffre, DC—whose clients including talk-show host Kelly Ripa, supermodel Petra Nemcova, and beauty magnate Bobbi Brown—one of the sneakiest ways you can gain weight is by grazing too much. “The average American grazes all day, eating roughly 17 times per day, including snacks,” says Gioffre. “While constant grazing will stimulate your metabolism, there is more downside than upside as it steadily dumps insulin into your blood, which cues your body to store fat.”

All of that insulin can drive inflammation and unleash your hormone leptin, which leaves you feeling hungry. “Ironically, eating less often helps you feel fuller, longer, because it resets your hormones and eliminates insulin and leptin resistance,” he says.

Even if you’re grazing on healthy foods, it may behoove you to take note. “It’s important to take into account that healthy items such as nuts and seeds, nut butters, and fruits still have calories,” says Kelly Krikhely, MS, RD, CDN. “Being mindful of these small bites of food can help with weight maintenance.” And for some great ways to lose weight, don’t miss these Sneaky Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work, According to Experts.

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