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By now, hopefully everyone knows that protein is essential for muscle building. Probably fewer people are aware that it’s not just protein that you need if you want to build muscle effectively: a swathe of vitamins and minerals are also required in order to help muscles repair and regenerate quickly. The issue is, we don’t know how our bodies metabolise macro- and micronutrients, making it a guess game to work out the best combination of these to support our muscle building efforts.

NGX Nutrition came up with a way to help you work out the optimal combination of nutrients by offering a DNA analysis service that focuses on nutrition. It is true, even the best DNA tests won’t provide you with a lot of useful information about your nutritional needs, apart from telling you that you are genetically predisposed to being sensitive to lactose.

NGX Personalised Nutrition review

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As explained to me in the post-report seminar – included in the price of the DNA test – the NGX DNA test looks at all the DNA segments that are proven to affect metabolic performance, so the NGX DNA report is not just a one-page paper explaining that you are awful at metabolising gluten. Among other things, the NGX DNA test checks how well you metabolise certain vitamins such as vitamin D and B12 as well as folate (vitamin B9), all of which can affect workout performance and recovery.

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