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For six years Verdin Marketing has held the 24-Hour Give, rebranding a nonprofit for free in 24 hours. However, in the spirit of a year that has called for change, the marketing firm is pivoting to raise awareness about local mental health services.

In partnership with the Transitions-Mental Health Association, the marketing firm is developing a campaign for the SLO Hotline through the month of December. The project is called The 2020 Give.

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WELLNESS COVERAGE In partnership with Transitions-Mental Health Association, Verdin Marketing is raising awareness about the SLO Hotline, a mental health guidance phone line. - IMAGE COURTESY OF TRANSITIONS-MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION

Similar to many companies, firm President and Chief Strategy Officer Mary Verdin told New Times that hosting more than 20 people in a conference room for the big planning session along with around-the-clock collaboration between people wouldn’t have worked this year due to COVID-19 pandemic restraints.

“But ultimately I decided that, though a rebrand has been very valuable for the past six give recipients, this year maybe there was something the community needed more. Our goal is to make an impact, and the opportunity in 2020 looked a little different,” Verdin said.

After doing some research about community issues, and looking at those exacerbated by COVID-19, Verdin said she found that mental health was an area affecting everyone.

She spoke with Transitions-Mental Health Association’s (TMHA) Jill Bolster-White, who said the number of calls to the SLO Hotline increased in the past several months and the calls to THMA for service referrals have increased as well.

The SLO Hotline is a confidential mental health guidance and crisis and suicide…

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